Solstice Dancers at Chaco Canyon

On summer solstice, Saturday, June 20th the Friends of Chaco will be sponsoring the Kitzit Dancers from Laguna Pueblo at Chaco Culture National Historical Park. There will be two sets of dances at 9:30 and 11:30 am.  Please see the Plan Your Visit page on Chaco Culture National Historical Park website for more details and directions.

“‘Kitzit’ – Laguna Youth Dance Group consists of 9-12 dancers and singers. They range from 9-22 years of age and have been dancing together since 1998. The group has traveled extensively, sharing their dances, songs and stories of their culture & families.” There is more information about the Kitzit Dancers on the Native Pathways website.

Thanks to all of members of Friends of Chaco for their assistance in making this event and others like it possible. Please consider supporting the Friends of Chaco by becoming a member or through direct donation. The Friends of Chaco is a 100% volunteer organization, all of the money donated goes to help support our educational and preservation activities.

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